Compost Introduction

We Love Compost!

The series of large bins you see here is vital to keeping the Van Vleck garden's six acres beautiful.  As we maintain the garden throughout the year, we layer grass clippings, weeds, and plant trimmings with the previous season's collected foliage.

This "garden waste" decomposes to form our finished product which is used to improve the soil throughout the garden. 

Which type of bin is right for me?

The truth is that compost bins help people, not the decomposition process. You can make excellent compost in any type of bin or no bin at all. 

These human factors will affect your choice:
  • Neatness
  • Ease of turning
  • Economy
  • Performance 
  • Good looks
We invite you to explore our samples and the following information as you decide what's best for your home.